Commercial Painting

Is the painting of your commercial property peeling, cracking, or chipping? That could say a lot about your property and create a bad first impression for your potential clients.

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all that your building needs to get a new look.

Your customers will have a better perception of your business, you can choose a color that will improve the productivity and mood of your employees.

By painting your commercial property you are also adding an extra level of protection from the rain, heavy winds, and UV exposure.

Whether you have a small or huge commercial property, taking care of the painting all by yourself is an overwhelming and time-consuming task so it is better to trust a professional commercial painting company that will perform the job in a short amount of time and like your building looking brand new.

What Does Commercial Painting Mean?

Commercial painting, as its name indicates is a service that involves painting commercial properties such as restaurants, factories, residential complexes, coffee shops, shopping malls, etc.

They usually involve larger projects than residential painting, for example, painting a shopping mall will require more contractors, planning, and paint than painting a home.

Commercial painting companies employ a large number of workers to be able to complete the projects within the business schedule.

The commercial painting contractor can help you choose the right color for your building based on the feelings you want to express and the mood they want their employees to have.

Commercial painting is also more time-flexible than residential painting because the service can not interrupt during working hours, for that reason they may even work on weekends to ensure they don’t interfere with your business operation.

It also offers a wide range of services including electrostatic painting, faux finishes, etc.

What Is The Difference Between Commercial Painting and Industrial Painting?

Both commercial and industrial painting involves painting a property for business purposes but they have some differences.

Commercial painting is focused on buildings where customers can see the inside and outside of the property so the painting serves an aesthetic purpose, it should make the place warm for visitors, and the painters can even apply color psychology to improve the mood and productivity of employees, or improve the perceptions customers will have of the business.

The painting should also be durable to withstand high traffic.

The industrial painting focuses on the functionality and protection rather than the appearance, is considered preventative protection for the factory or warehouse, and isn’t seen by the general public.

It is important to create a durable finish that can withstand abuse and last for many years. Industrial painting contractors usually use oil-based paints that take longer to dry but are long-lasting. Industrial painters also handle flooring painting techniques.

How Do You Estimate a Commercial Painting Job?

The price of a commercial painting will vary depending on how large the building is and the unique challenges each property can have. Contact us to get a personalised quote.


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