When you are constructing a new home, repainting an existing home or renovating your old home, you are going to need to paint it. Sometimes you are going to need a partial residential painting service. You can start by getting a quote.

How to get a residential painting quote

When you want to find a painting service, you should follow the right process. You must get quotes from multiple services before making the final selection.

Find the companies

You can start by filtering the painting services that are available in your area. Most of the companies are giving details. You can filter out the companies that have contact details given. When you are in Geelong, you should look for the Geelong residential painting service.

Contact the company

To get the quote, you need to contact the company. They will let you know about the details they require. You can also ask for those details about the company.

Send your details

The company is going to ask you about the details of the area to be painted. You can let them know the type of paint you want and the measurement in square meters.

Receive the quote

They are going to check your requirements and give you a quote. You must ask them to give you a detailed quotation. It should include the cost of labour and material separately.

Qualities of good painting service

We have compiled a list of qualities that you should look for in a residential painting service. It is better to find a service that has all the qualities given here.


It is better to look for a company that has good communication skills because it will be easy for you to let the company know your requirements. You can judge the communication skills of the company by the way their representatives are handling your queries.


There is no benefit of an exceptional service if it is not affordable. You need to look for a company that is providing services under your budget.


Different companies are giving the painting service. Some of them are experts in commercial painting. Some companies are experts in residential painting. You should select the company based on their speciality also.


You can check the previous records and reviews of the company to know if the company is reliable. A reliable company can complete the job in time and keep their promises always.

Benefits of selecting the right painting service

If you select the right residential painting company for you, you are going to save yourself from a lot of problems. Some of the benefits are given here.

Long-lasting paint

A good company is going to complete the painting job with the highest quality using the right type of materials. It will help the paint last longer.

Better colour selection

Most of the painting companies have experts who can help you select the right colour combination for your home. The exterior and interior of the home require a different colour combination. The company is going to help you select the right one.

No health hazard for you

Painting a home by yourself or using a low-quality company can be detrimental. Low-quality service is going to use health-hazardous materials. You can reduce the detrimental effects of painting when you select a good service.


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